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Insurance Claim Services

After spending years working for a wide range of major insurance carries, Dach is able to guide you through the somewhat tedious process of filing an insurance claim.  We employ the use of same computer estimating software that is considered "industry standard" by most insurance carriers.  This allows us to provide an accurate and complete estimate before a contract is signed and any work is completed.  Insurance companies are typically responsible to fund repairs to restore your property to its condition prior to the damage incurred, however;  Colorado Senate Bill 38 provides home and business owners safety by ensuring no contractor is able to waive, rebate, or pay any portion of a deductible.  We utilize your personal insurance policy in negotiations with your agent about payment for repairs in order to make sure your property is fully restored.  We do our best to remain in persistent communication and explain every step of the insurance claim process.  We put customer satisfaction before anything else so if you have questions or we can help in any way, please feel free to reach out!

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