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Repairs & Roof Coatings           

Often times spending thousands of dollars on a new roofing system is not the best solution and doesn't fit in the budget.  When paying for building maintenance and upkeep, loss of energy and structural deterioration are extreme nightmares to deal with.  We have the experience, knowledge, and products necessary to find and fix almost any issue when it comes to your roof.  "Source" sealing, patching, and certain coatings are all viable options that do not count as installing a new roof.  Our skilled tradesmen are capable of repairing and sealing coping metal, base flashing, pitch pockets, valleys, parapet walls, and many more.  We are able to use our moisture detecting equipment, computer programs, and experience to provide a detailed report showing areas of concern on your building.  We are capable of getting your roof sealed and leak proofed in whichever way best suits your situational constraints.  

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